22 September 2015

fun with fundies: Kent Hovind rides again!

Fresh from prison for 'taking money from our account to pay bills' and not for fraud at all, nudge nudge, Kent Hovind explaines the mysteries of young earth creationism. Enjoy. You're welcome.

1 September 2015

end of summer

^^Before and after: the brief windstorm on Saturday made short work of this
bamboo vine arbour, not to mention neighbourhood trees.
 ^^before and after

11 August 2015

random flower, bug and bird post

 ^^hardy hibiscus (info here)
 ^^fledgling white crown sparrow

 ^^pink four o'clock (Mirabilis sp) (info)
^^grasshopper on four o'clock bud
 ^^ipomoea aka morning glory (info)
 ^^white crowned sparrow
 ^^yellow four'oclock

30 July 2015

fun with fundies: wait, this is unexpected!

"We pick and choose the scriptures that we want to use to beat folk up with,
rather than look at our own lives."
E. Dewey Smith

8 July 2015

fun with fundies

The recent Supreme Court of the United States decision on marriage equity
is the gift that just won't stop giving. Today it's James David Manning, chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church (Baptist, mais bien sûr) in New York City.

Manning is known for his mouth, saying, among other things, that "white homos are going to take the black woman’s man" and that President Obama is going to "use gay people to destroy the black community." He  wants the stoning of gay people and for Harlem to be a "homo-free zone.
He even calls himself "the sodomite slayer". (Wikipedia bio)

Oh, what the heck. Here's a bonus bit of crazy. Sodomites are running the world!