water plants

frugal aquascaping
Aquarium keeping can be an expensive hobby, but you can build a great collection of plants for cheap by being a little patient. One example involves Java ferns, an easy to grow moderate-light plant that attaches to rocks and wood. The deadest, most decayed leaves will still sprout plantlets... given a little time you'll end up with a lush, fully plantscaped aquarium! Typically, I collect plantlets into a grow-out vase and leave them until they get a little bigger and can be used for 'scaping.
 ^^regular Java fern (Microsorum pteropus), plantlet sprouting from dead leaf.
 ^^just waiting to take over their corner of the world
Brazilian pennywort 

^^pennywort can grow out of water
Riccia and christmas moss

^^riccia and christmas moss can also colonise moist places above the waterline

Vallisneria sp.
 Najas guadalupensis (guppy grass)

 ^^Guppy grass

Elodea canadensis (Canadian pondweed)
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